Bernadette K. | Brain Tumor, Anxiety, Fatigue Improved

Posted on August 20, 2018 by RCP Admin

Okay, so my 11 year old son was diagnosed at 8 with a brain tumor. He had hydrocephalus which led to vision problems which led to a diagnosis. We were shocked. I had fed him a Weston Price/ancestral diet his whole life. I thought we were covered. But food is not enough.
Because of my own imbalances (diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and EBV in high school), my poor boy came into the world already imbalanced. He always had white spots on his nails, no matter how much zinc or red meat we gave him. He got sick more that his younger brothers, and the sickness was always drawn out. He had compromised adrenals. He lacked energy.

After his diagnosis (non cancerous tumor, by the way) we saw an ND. Unfortunately, he is very misinformed. He gave us more zinc. He put my son on D3. He cost a lot to see and the endless supplements were breaking us.

The Root Cause Protocol is SO affordable compared to what we were paying. But when you are faced with a brain tumor, and you don’t know what to do about it, what else is there to do? We saw some improvements overall, but I wasn’t satisfied.

In the meantime, the stress and my own health problems were tanking me. I could only barely push myself to take care of my family. Our whole family was a mess. I was desperate.

I prayed that God would help me find a solution. I had no idea what to do and I begged for help.

A friend belongs to this [Magnesium Advocacy Group] on Facebook and one day I saw the group recommended. I joined, I devoured the information. The protocol really resonated with me and I jumped in. That was nine months ago.

I can’t tell you how much better I am doing, first of all. My constant anxiety is gone. I feel so much better mentally, just positive and content.

My fatigue is gently and slowly lifting. I am seeing so many positive small improvements in my own health! I have a long way to go, but I’m moving in the right direction.

My son had incredibly high iron on his blood test and Morley and I both agreed that he is really dumping his toxic iron load. His body is balancing!

He is gradually gaining in stamina and focus. He is sleeping really well, eating really well and doing a great job keeping up with his younger brothers. His own anxiety is a thing of the past. The whole family is experiencing a shift toward balance.

I am amazed that what seems to be such a simple protocol is this powerful! It is masterfully put together!

Stay the course everyone, we can get better!

My son’s tumor is deep in his brain and we are just watching it at this point with yearly MRI’s.

Morley said that our goals for my son are that he will never need brain surgery and that the tumor will shrink. I know that this will be the case, and when that happens I will let you all know!