Liv Irene Halvorsen | With The Help Of The Root Cause Protocol I Balanced My Minerals And Lowered My Ferritin Levels

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Morley Robbins

Tomorrow marks an exciting day for me… tomorrow it has been a year since I stopped metabolic medication after using it for 17 years.

This last year hasn’t been a roller coaster.. because it has only gone all the way up…

I have simply balanced the minerals in the body, and ensured that Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Calcium have become more balanced. I have also arranged to increase my ceruloplasmin production so that Iron and Copper are moving in my body, and are not stored in my organs and tissues.

In November of last year I had Ferritin levels at 126… today my Ferritin levels are at 18.. and it hasn’t been that low it since 1999.

I do things I haven’t done in years, and have energy left when the working day is over to do things other than just work.

These last months have been busy.. Both with work and private, but my spare time goes to things it didn’t before.. like going skiing.. trips to the mountains and in those situations where life does things I thought she couldn’t… but my God how wonderful it is to feel like you’re alive!

I will forever be grateful for you Morley Robbins and everything you have taught me…