May 23, 2024
Live Q&A sessions on in June 2024

We host Live Q&A events EVERY MONTH for our Premium RCP Community. These events are facilitated by our Operations Manager (and Group 1 Graduate) Kristan Kershaw and supported by our experienced RCPCs.

In June, we will be hosting two live Q&A events. The first is a General Q&A where you can have your specific questions answered.

You definitely want to attend this session!


The Q & A Sessions last approximately one and a half hours.  You can hop on or hop off at any time, at your convenience.

All sessions are recorded and shared in the Premium RCP Community so that you can watch them if you’re not able to attend live.


Meetings are held as online group meetings, so you can join from anywhere in the world using your computer or phone!

But first, you must become a member the Premium RCP Community

The price is currently discounted at 50% off… $9.97/month (or $99/year) gets you:

  • Exclusive access to new research and commentary from Morley
  • Exclusive access to these live Q&A events (1-2 times per month)
  • Exclusive access to RCP Community forum where you’ll be able to get valuable insight from RCP Consultants and others who are following the RCP.
  • PLUS, you’ll be helping to support this movement, and helping more people feel better! 🙂

The first 2,000 “foundation” members will lock in this 50% discounted rate FOR LIFE ($9.97/month or $99/year). After this membership goal has been reached, the price will increase to $19.97/month (or $199/year).


Click here to join the Premium RCP Community today…


Webinar login details have been posted here in the “Musings by Morley” Forum, accessible to RCP Community members.

Looking forward to seeing you online in a few days for another intriguing Q&A!  Bring your questions!

Team RCP

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