Morley Robbins and Anna from 4Health by Anna Sparre (#255b: Thyroid vs. Mitochondria. Thyroid Conversations 1)

Posted on May 3, 2020 by RCP Admin

The thyroid and your mitochondria! And their connection to minerals and vitamins. What’s really going on in your body? An interview with extremely popular Morley Robbins!

There will be 3 interviews with Morley on thyroid hormones and energy production in your body. In this first part, we talk about the thyroid and your mitochondria – what’s what, and what’s responsible for your typical thyroid issues, such as fatigue?

In next week’s episode, we will dig deeper into the minerals in your body, and their connection to your thyroid and your energy production.

In the third thyroid conversation with Morley, we’re discussing important vitamins for your energy and your thyroid, and we’re also discussing thyroid medication, reverse T3, and histamines.

Additional details and information about their discussion are available on Anna’s website. The podcast is also available on itunes. Anna’s website is overall in Swedish, but the interview above is in English.