Morley Robbins and Autumn Smith from Paleo Valley – January 2020

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Kristan Kershaw

Morley appeared as a guest of Autumn Smith in episode 220 of the Optimize Paleo Podcast.

Anemia, Autophagy, Copper Toxicity & Vitamin A was the focus of their discussion.

Here are some of the topics they covered:

  • Why paying attention to our mineral status is underrated
  • The downside of using most vitamin C supplements
  • Why copper is one of the most important minerals for vibrant health
  • Why there are iron filings in the American food supply
  • The difference between organic and inorganic iron
  • The role of copper in diabetes prevention
  • The truth about copper toxicity (and a little-known common cause)
  • The difference between retinol and beta carotene
  • How to accurately measure your iron status (we’re not talking about ferritin, either!)
  • Why taking vitamin D in isolation is dangerous (and may cause kidney stones)
  • The true cause of anemia (that almost no doctor talks about)
  • The food we KNOW has healed anemia since 1934
  • The 2 nutrients (other than iron) that are necessary to heal anemia
  • Why vitamin A deficiency can make fasting LESS beneficial
  • Whether or not Morley thinks a vegetarian diet can be nutritionally adequate
  • Why many people cannot convert beta carotene into retinol
  • The best dietary sources of bioavailable copper
  • Why whole food vitamin C (but not ascorbic acid) can improve copper status
  • One of the first nutrients to check if you’re hypothyroid
  • 2 often-overlooked (yet critical) nutrients for thyroid health
  • Why copper is important for B vitamin metabolism

Please follow this link to listen to their discussion.