PLEASE NOTE: Thousands of people from around the world have been following the steps of The Root Cause Protocol since 2016. And there are well over 200 spread across the internet. But we only began officially indexing these in December 2017, so this is but a small sampling of the most notable stories we've collected thus far. In the next several months, I intend to add many, many more hope-inspiring testimonials. If you would like to have your story included here, please email [email protected]. Thank you in advance for sharing your story! -Morley Robbins

Testimonials Index:

  1. Valeri Gatlin - Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Depression, Foggy Thinking, Loss of Focus, Insomnia
  2. Kitty Martone (aka. "The Healthy Gut Girl") - Anemia, Difficult Menstrual Cycles, Infertility, Ongoing Polyp and Fibroid Surgeries
  3. Staci La Point - Low Energy, Bad Sleep, Overall Health
  4. Linette Cox - Lyme Disease, Anemia
  5. Jolene Maroney - Weight Issues, Low Energy, High Blood Pressure, Depression
  6. Nancy Springer - PMDD, Irregular and Painful Menstrual Cycle, Weight Loss
  7. Audra - Bipolar family member now off many psych drugs
  8. Angela Hines Severson - Hypothyroidism; RCP changed my life!
  9. Alicia Soderquist's Grandfather - Dementia, Glaucoma
  10. V.S.F. - Athlete's Foot since age 12, now gone!
  11. Jill Nolan Morris - Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer
  12. Steve Sevek's Wife - Blood Pressure Normalized
  13. Susan Coe - Gut Issues, Perimenopause, Fibromyalgia, Cancer Improved
  14. Hailey Martine Bushaw - Thyroid Regulated
  15. Jane Nicolle - Overall Health Improved, Doctor is impressed!
  16. Dr. Ramesh Bolisetti - Overall Health
  17. September McCarthy - Hope for RCP Newbies
  18. Tami Thomas Sims - Irregular, Heavy Periods
  19. Danielle Hancock's child - Tic Disorder Improved
  20. Amanda Landman - Stress Management Improved

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