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The RCP Product Directory below has been set up to assist you to find products we recommend on the RCP protocol as per the RCP Handbook.

The directory is searchable by “Country”, “Phase or Start #”, “Supplier” and “Brand” in various combinations. 

To get started, we suggest:

1. Select your “Country” from the drop down menu.
2. You can narrow down the search further and specify the type of product you are searching for, by selecting this in the “Phase or Start #” dropdown menu (eg. select Adrenal Cocktail products).
3. If you have a preferred supplier; or want to make a bundled purchase from the same place, you can search for the “Supplier” of products in your country.
4. You can also search for RCP products by “Brand”.
5. It is possible to filter your search in several combinations of the above categories.
6. To look for another product, reset the search filters by re-selecting only to the first item in each of the dropdown “Country”, “Phase or Start #”,“Supplier” and “Brand”. 

If you cannot find a product in your country, try searching for the “Global” option in the “Country” category.

AFFILIATE LINKS: Some of the products listed below contain affiliate links and by purchasing from that store, you’ll be supporting this organization without any additional cost to yourself.

Team RCP.

Please note, when sorting by country please remember that ‘global’ is also an option so if you’re not seeing many options under your country name please ensure you also select ‘global’ to see a larger amount of options.

The “Optional Extra Support” category listed under the ‘Phase or START #’ drop-down menu may contain items that do not fall within any of the Phases or STARTS of the RCP Handbook.

While all of these optional items are approved for use within the protocol, we strongly recommend that priority be given to the foundational items associated within the RCP Handbook.

The iron binders and copper supplements, in particular, fall into the ‘advanced’ category and may be best utilized under the guidance of your RCP Consultant.

GET LISTED IN THE DIRECTORY: If you have an online store selling RCP Approved Products and would like to be listed on this directory, please head over to: to read more and to submit an application if you’re interested.

FIQ Whole C IQ (150 capsules) – USA
Ancient Lakes Kakadu Plum (60 capsules) – NZ
Elivide Organic Camu Camu: Wholefood Vitamin C (120 capsules) – Global
Pete Evans Gelpro Native Vitamin C – Global
Pete Evans Gelpro Native Vitamin C – AS
Eden Healthfoods Wild C (150g) – AUS
Eden Healthfoods Wild C (150g) – Global
Elivide Organic Camu Camu
Elivide Organic Camu Camu: Wholefood Vitamin C (120 capsules) – EU
Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C (90 capsules) – UK
Innate Response Formulas Vitamin C-400 (180 tablets) – UK
Ancient Lakes Kakadu Plum powder
Ancient Lakes Kakadu Plum powder (30 g / 90 servings) – UK
Navitas Organics Camu Powder (3 oz. package) – UK
MegaFood Ultra C-400 (90 tablets) – UK
MegaFood Ultra C-400 (60 tablets) – UK
Pete Evans Gelpro Native Vitamin C – NZ

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