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Angie Cook, LMT, Holistic Nutritionist, RCP Consultant

New York

As a New York State licensed massage therapist and holistic nutritionist since 2015, I have worked with clients in a holistic manner to support them in managing chronic pain, gut issues, and sleep trouble with plant medicines. I was introduced to RCP when I was unable to overcome a 3-year illness that nearly incapacitated me. I was able to find health and live my life again because of RCP, and I learned that one of the missing parts of my personal wellness program, and my clients, were minerals!

Intrigued to learn more, I jumped into the RCPC training and knew that I had found my life’s purpose. I was able to better understand how my childhood experiences and stressors related to my current health, and that I was not broken. My goal is to provide hope for those that feel like there is nowhere else to go; especially in the face of health issues due to childhood trauma.

I have a Bachelor of Science and my first career was teaching. I loved taking a difficult subject and simplifying it for my students. I’ve always had a passion for how food systems affect the quality of food and subsequent health of people. This led me to understanding how to eat in a way that’s healthy for our planet and humans!

I am excited to work with you and I work internationally. Please email me at to schedule a consultation.

Company Name: I Am Wellness

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