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Annamaria Christian

United Kingdom

Adrenal fatigue, osteoarthritis, amenorrhea, hormonal imbalance, acne, cavities, gut issues etc etc… and other symptoms along the way showed me how my body was out of balance.

Research behind The Root Cause Protocol shows that when your minerals are out of balance you start to show symptoms, these symptoms vary from person to person.

I’ve always believed that the body can heal itself through natural healing and holistic health. The Root Cause Protocol was the missing piece of the puzzle which has taught me how to get the body back into balance again.

Louise Hay’s teachings of the mind-body connection and various symptoms I’ve gone through in my journey has also shed a light on the emotional side of symptoms.

I’m not doing HTMA’s or blood work so you will need to contact another RCP Consultant for those.

If what you are looking for is just a short info session, I’m offering 30 minute calls or 60 minute calls.

World wide consultations:

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