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Chrissy Murphy

South Australia

I am a mother to two beautiful young children. I am a passionate RCP Consultant, currently working within the Supporting Balance Team in Australia. I discovered the RCP after a 20 year declining health journey. Over the past 20 years as I worked in a corporate career and dedicated my life to raising my children, I battled a declining health journey. I spent over a decade being an travelling spouse as we moved from country to country, city to city. I struggled deeply with health as I navigated how to be a mother, a wife without losing myself in the process – truthfully it felt like I went to hell and back through the journey. It wasn’t until I discovered the RCP that my health began to return. I feel privileged to now be able to help others learn how to take control of their own health, get balance and their energy back!

Company Name: K2 Evolve

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