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Daniel Abou-zeid


I am deeply motivated to see my clients increase their quality of life so that they can pursue what’s most important to them. While my obsession with health stemmed from my own personal health struggles, I have also been motivated to research what is going to be most effective for all the members of my family. Thanks to these foundational principles of bringing the body into balance through mineral regulation I have been able to see not only myself but all members of my family make health and well-being gains.

Personally I have experienced around 20 years of debilitating health conditions where nothing seemed to help, I was in constant/chronic pain with no hope for recovery. Nowadays I have been able to go from chronic pain to “Chronic Health” (corny I know) and it fills me with joy to see my clients accomplish similar results. There certainly is reason for hope, our bodies have been intelligently designed and have the capability of healing if nourished by the appropriate minerals which would be my goal should you choose me as your health and wellness coach.

It would be my pleasure to assist you along the way so have a look around and feel free to book an online consult to get you started.

Company Name: Chronic Health

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