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Ekaterina Rait

Lucerne, Moscow, Lagoa

I’m a passionate health coach and biohacker, who has won a life game with psoriasis, infertility, PCOS, insuline resistance, acne and autistic spectrum of my son. I live in Portugal and Switzerland as a happy wife and mother of the genius pianist in. I speak Russian, English and a little bit German. I use many wise ancient and modern biohacks for health improvements for my clients: different variants of low carb diets (keto, paleo, carnivore, GAPS etc.), light diet, fasting, different anti-stress therapies (tree hugs, bird watching, meditation, gratitude diaries, eft, etc.), sun gazing, grounding and so on. RCP is the most powerful tool for me, for my family and for my clients all around the world! As a very active social media blogger I would like to be an ambassador of RCP for Russian-speaking people!

Company Name: Ekaterina Rait – The Rait Life

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