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Healing Healer Hayley

California/Los Angeles

Hi there!

My name is Hayley Goldstein. Mental health, self expression and self empowerment are the main driving forces in all my passions. As an artist, visionary, motivator and performer, mindset and energy(spirit/heart) are of main significance to anything I engage with. My education on minerals through RCP completed the missing significant ingredient for the foundation we all need to heal and thrive, and that is proper mineral nourishment. Healing may not be simple but our approaches can be. From my perspective, increasing energy on a cellular level through minerals, mindset, and the moment is foundational for any form of healing.

I believe we all have an innate healer in us, we just weren’t raised to engage with them, nourish them and trust them. I believe one of the roots of our suffering is stagnancy and a disconnect from this innate healer-ourselves is one big reason for this stagnancy. We desire motion, release, expression, and to SHINE. Nature does not intend for us to live in a chronic state of urgency, survival, isolation and to hide away. Symptoms and dis-ease are a part of the healing process for you to address this, to address the places that need to be nurtured, expressed, seen and released.

Whether you have autoimmune, cancer, chronic sinus infections, or symptoms you can’t seem to improve, you can heal! The belief that you can and you are healing is pivotal and vital. This is something I will always hold both you and I accountable for because it takes consistent reminding and CHOOSING.I am not above what I preach, I am with it. As I preach what I believe, it helps me embody it more. It is one thing to know and speak something but another to understand and embody.

This would be a book if I got in depth about my own story, ways that I am healing, and how my life has changed for the better. In short, I reversed “mast cell activation syndrome” which is what led me to RCP in the first place. I no longer get chronic sinus infections like I used to. I feel more connected to myself more than ever and I am able to recover from stress in my life much better. I am also reversing PCOS. Healing is not a destination. It is not about purification or perfection. We will never be without stress or messages from the body, we are ALIVE. But we can improve the way we handle stress by supporting the innate intelligence inside of us instead of trying to purify, control or fix it. You are not a broken machine. Your body makes no mistakes. It is simply our responsibility to trust and support this intelligence, the innate healer in you. Healing and living is about getting to know yourself and connecting with them so you can show up and shine, the way nature intends for you <3 I can be of support and collaborate with you on this journey!

With my experience in education of minerals and intuitive, artistic and intellectual abilities, the shape of my unique offerings are powerful and best when working with those who are aligned. As a recovering lone wolf, I understand all too well the fears and concerns in working with others. But I believe deep down, lone wolf mentality comes from lack of trust, fear of being rejected, and the desire for proving strength and independence. Just because you can do something on your own, doesn’t mean you should or have to. To me vulnerability is true strength and needing support doesn’t make you less adequate. Togetherness is part of our life force and you showing up as you are is enough in itself.

If you are committed to healing, desire support and think we will work well together please reach out! I can offer a free 15 minute vibe check call 😉 We can go more into detail about my offering as it is different for everyone. Together we will be shifting paradigms from a vicious cycle of fear, inflammation, and stagnancy to a vivacious cycle of curiosity, expression, and trust.

Ways to work with me can be through 1:1 work in person or zoom. I also have a live event a few times a year called ShineSeeker Presents “Healer Like You” where I teach how and why increasing cellular energy through minerals, mindset, and the moment is foundational for any form of healing. There is a link to the event in my bio on IG @HealingHealerHayley. I am not big on instagram so if you really would like to connect with me, reach out to me or come to the events 🙂

For those of you who shine bright or desire to (all of us) and feel like people in your life fear this brightness or vice versa, remember that light ignites light. Also when you show up as YOU, you will find your community who will appreciate your brightness and inspire it.

We do not seek attention, we seek to shine..shame shadows and all.
ShineSeeker xx Healer Healer Hayley
Healing because I am human, Healer because I am human

Company Name: ShineSeeker x Healer Like You

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