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Heidi Palian, NTP, RWP, RCPC


Having dealt with my own health issues for 2 decades, I made it my mission to heal and find the root cause of my health problems. My wellness journey then ignited a passion for helping others. We should be living life to our fullest, not existing through it! I help to educate and guide individuals and provide them with the tools to tap into their own innate healer. Living a life of joy and vitality is possible, I am living proof!

I have an extensive background of almost 30 years in the health field. 11 years was dedicated to the dental field before I transitioned to Massage Therapy (17 yrs ago) and holistic skin care. I still practice bodywork and have integrated root cause healing into my practice. Our bodies are physical messengers and nothing stands alone!
After becoming a RCPC, I went back to school and studied Nutritional Therapy and became certified as a Restorative Wellness Practitioner to help individuals with gut healing.

Company Name: Lifestream Wellness, LLC


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