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Irene Padilla

Washington DC

My passion and enthusiasm for the health world always had me involved in different learning aspects related to health, wellness, sports, and nutrition.

My first step was to obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degree in clinical Psychology in Spain where I was raised.

Then after moving to the US and being shocked by the different approaches in health prevention and treatment I found here, I decided to take action and somehow get involved by obtaining my masters in Public health at the George Washington University in DC.

Long story short, my move to the US, the change in habits, routines, foods, relationships and unfortunately the fatal Alzheimer’s diagnose of my father, led me into a circle of stress, anxiety and insomnia that I maintained for years.

My break out point was realizing that none of the things I learnt over my years of study was helping or giving me answers to my problems. I tried different psychotherapists and I never lasted more than 3 sessions with anybody. All the solutions that the allopathic doctors gave me seemed temporary, and felt like unhealthy patches that led to other issues.

At this point, I had already accepted that I would live with anxiety for the rest of my life, but the insomnia was so severe and was affecting my mood and work performance so much, that I decided that at least, I had to find a solution for that. That’s when I started my independent research and discovered the root cause protocol.

Then, everything made sense, I got all the answers I was looking for. I understood how stress and mineral deficiencies were making me feel the way I did. The discovery had such an impact on me that I really wanted to know everything about it. I also wanted to share my discovery with my loved ones so everyone could benefit from it. That is how I became a
RCP consultant.

From there, my curiosity led me to dig deeper into what it was my initial field of interest, mental health. Then I got my EFT certification with Dede Moore and more recently hypnosis certification that I have also included in my health consultant practice.

Now, 5 years after implementing the RCP, I can say that I am a healthy, energetic and anxiety free person. My sleep patterns have improved significantly and I live my life to the fullest.

I am fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. I will be happy to guide you reach your health goals. Remember your health is your best investment!!!


Company Name: Magnifichealth

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