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Keelee N. Sullivan, Radical Birth Keeper

Laytonville, CA

Hello! I am most passionate about the two fundamentals of being human; minerals & birth. Discovering and implementing the RCP has moved the needle for me more than anything else in my life, and having been down as many rabbit holes as I have on this multiple decade long journey, this is everything. I am an off grid mama, living in the forest & off the land as much as possible. I am always deepening connection. I am dedicated to the constant evolution of myself. I am magnetic to our highest good and it is magnetic to me. I believe practically any ailment can be cured, we have to change our language first. We have been “misled & misfed” as Morley puts it and we have to first stop believing the lies and start believing in our bodies innate ability to heal itself. I am here to help others restore their health by taking back the power & authority that has been lost. “Light workers, the initiation has begun. This is the great awakening that we incarnated for. Its time to lead & stay in the light. Your participation is required to shift the fear frequency on this planet by coming together to anchor the light”.

Company Name: Radical Flow Health Care

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