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Kellie Hall, RCPC

Washington State

Hi! I’m Kellie. Like many RCPC’s, it was my own journey with chronic health issues that brought me to this work. I have walked through years of functional medicine and conventional treatment for complex chronic illness, including Lyme Disease and coinfections, mycotoxins, histamine intolerance, and hypermobility syndrome, which offered little benefit. My constant research and searching for answers led me to the RCP – and so many things began to make sense. The RCP has improved my symptoms of chronic fatigue, headaches, blood sugar dysregulation, histamine issues, and has given me a greater sense of vitality!

Whether you are new to the RCP or further along with the protocol, I believe greater healing and resilience to stressors is possible for you! I am an empathetic consultant who deeply understands the lonely and painful experience of chronic suffering. I am currently working on my Master’s in Counseling Psychology and enjoy combining my additional training in mind-body work with the RCP. Have further questions? Send me an email at

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