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Melinda Tairi

Victoria, Sunbury

I was a diesel technician for over a decade, I trained Thai boxing 6 days a week I was super strong and fit. Then all of a sudden, my body began to deteriorate, I was strong willed I pushed through my training with pre workouts, coffee and then I was debilitated from fatigue, my body felt as if it was shutting down. The fear of the doctors not knowing what was wrong with me, I believed I ruined my body and that there was no way to undo what I had done I was scared, depressed and alone. I decided to explore alternative medicine and I learned I was riddled with toxins, heavy metals, Lyme and MTFR. I was confused, I tried every diet, every supplement, met many practitioners, specialists, I travelled to see shamans, travelled to India for Ayurvedic treatment, called psychics, passed life regression, went raw fruitarian (dr. morse), did a 70-day juice fast, parasite cleanses were the new norm, what was wrong with me? I ate well and I could not get rid of these parasites/candida I was desperate that nothing had helped me! I continued to chase my own tail for 7 years and along the way I spent many many thousands of dollars! Finally, I met Morley Robbins and he explained to me “We make maximum ATP at ideal pH, when the pH drops off either end, acid or base the energy production goes down and that’s when the pathogens awaken, they are opportunistic creatures taking advantage of low energy environments inside of our body, and what do they love to hang around with and feed off is iron, and what’s the one metal that they despise is copper” his knowledge has changed my life, I finally understand what is happening in my body and that I am not broken! There’s one formula to end all dis-ease, I love this man he makes it simple to understand and I am ecstatic that my energy is on its way back up every day following the RCP I feel stronger and more energised! And to finally put my mind and heart at ease with an end to all these diet myths and realise the connection to my roots, the importance of our ancestral diet. I was relived to never do another detox again and to only focus on nourishing my body, re-balance my minerals and strengthening the host, music to my ears 😊

Along my path to wellness, I amassed a list of credentials RCP Root Cause Protocol Consultant, QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Introspective Hypnotherapy, EFT Emotional Freedom Tapping, Detox Specialist and Live Blood Analysis. I have also gained a wealth of knowledge across the areas of nutrition, supplementation, emotional/mental and spiritual health. And how all of these combined plays a vital role in good health. I have enthusiastically applied myself many hours of research into heavy metal toxicity, EBV, CFS, Red light therapy, Lyme disease, Emotional trauma, RCP, Hypnotherapy, Individual metabolic diet, Mineral deficiencies, herbal detoxification, insulin resistance, toxic free living and supplementation protocols. I am driven to help educate individuals on how to safely balance their minerals, achieve optimal energy and get their life back!

Company Name: Melinda Tairi

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