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Paige Marie Wellness


After going through my own 13 year battle with chronic illness, I decided to search out my own answers and now I am ready to help you! Formal education includes a bachelors degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner ( NTP) license, training and certifications in stretch therapy (FST), neurokinetic therapy (NKT), lymphatic workshops with pain specialist Perry Nickelston, and now Root Cause Protocol certified. I tried it all so you wouldn’t have to. Let me help you gain focus in your journey toward better health by creating a customized blueprint toward better health. My focus is on reducing chronic fatigue and inflammation. That means we are going to work on improving your sleep, improving your mental clarity, reducing your brain fog and bodyaches, and giving you back the vitality that you have been missing. I’m a woman of Faith, a mother of two and I’ll work to make this a plan you can find success with, working to fit it into your lifestyle. Let’s do this…together!

Company Name: Paige Marie Wellness

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