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Rachel Albertone

North Carolina

Hi, I’m Rachel! I’m a Speech Language Pathologist turned Root Cause Protocol Consultant after finding personal symptom relief through the RCP. I had struggled for as long as I could remember with GI issues and issues with my menstrual cycle (irregular cycles and painful periods). Before finding the RCP, I had worked with functional medicine doctors and spent so much money on tests and various supplements only to feel no better. When I found the RCP, everything finally clicked. I was over stressed, under-nourished and mineral dysregulated. When I began to implement the protocol, my symptoms started improving faster than I could have imagined. I never thought it would be possible to go months without GI symptoms or have regular monthly menstrual cycles.

As a Root Cause Protocol Consultant, I now have knowledge behind the “WHY” of the RCP, including the mechanisms behind how our bodies work at a cellular level and how regulating minerals can provide symptom relief, no matter what symptoms you are dealing with. I am so excited to share this knowledge with others and empower clients to implement the protocol and see a reduction in their symptoms, like I have experienced through the RCP!

Please reach out to me via email at to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss further!

Company Name: Balanced Expressions

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