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Sara Garverick


I am a Root Cause Protocol Consultant (RCPC), Health Coach (PN1) and Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) and previously, a Personal Trainer (ACE), a Mechanical Engineer and math nerd. Well, I’m still a nerd – that will never go away.

In my practice I have worked with primarily women, with varying backgrounds – coaches, practitioners, chiropractors, stay at home mothers and more – and a wide age range.

My mission is simple: Help clients achieve excellent overall health and ultimately heal and rebalance gut, hormone/fertility, thyroid, adrenal and autoimmune conditions. I believe the fundamentals are what help us optimize our health – rebalancing minerals and vitamins, working on quality nutrition and digestion, and addressing all forms of stress. I use HTMA Testing, Bloodwork and Bioresonance Scans in my practice, primarily.

I’m a huge supporter of medical freedom and informed consent, and am here to help you on your journey to become your best (healthy) self.

Company Name: Ryan C Consulting LLC


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