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Sheila Konecke


My background is Chemical Engineering, where I spent 36 years in manufacturing developing processes.

I began to have an interest in natural medicine. I, like most people believed that we eat pretty well and we don’t do a lot of harmful things to our health. BOY, is that wrong. We start out having no idea that a large portion of what we’re taught is incorrect. We eventually learn that our government and medical schools are subservient to the pharmaceutical companies. The best information on the internet is either censored or ridiculed by mainstream medicine.

I became inspired to learn everything I could about natural medicine, spending thousands of hours and testing multitudes of diets and supplements on myself. Then I came across Morley Robbins through Dr Mercola and implemented the RCP. I have had some great results. I’d love to help as many people as I can with this program.

Feel free to contact me!

Company Name: TransformYou LLC

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