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Wanda Breighner


I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 15 years with additional certifications in aromatherapy, neural reset therapy, and craniosacral therapy. Even after years of trying many different natural practitioners, I still struggled with raging hormones, extreme adrenal fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, anger, burn out and more. I found that even though some issues had gotten better, many had not. It was like there was still something missing.
In the summer of 2020, I watched a presentation promoting certain oils and supplements to “naturally” support the body’s immune system. It was one woman’s comment on that post that got my attention because it went against so much of what I thought to be true. She warned that these recommendations would not work and could even be dangerous. Wanting to prove her wrong launched me on a journey which instead led me to the RCP! I found a missing piece of my health puzzle.
I am a researcher by nature, and it is my passion to help people find truth and methods to help the body heal the way God designed it to, when given what it truly needs. Combining all I’ve learned through the RCP and my experience in different modalities, I can help others understand that addressing the root causes of dis-ease is a better path to life-long, vibrant health.

Company Name: Wanda Breighner, LMT, CNRT-M, RCPC

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