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To our chiropractors, osteopaths, GPs/MDs, naturopaths, reflexologists,
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We understand that the work that we do is of significant interest to practitioners like you. To get you started, we’ve gathered a few articles that may interest you as you begin to explore what we are all about at the RCP.


Many practitioners like you have trained with the RCP Institute. The training offers insights into the root cause of illness and dis-ease, which then can be integrated into your existing practice to support your patients to further achieve optimal health. If you have ever seen a patient who had particularly challenging symptoms and didn’t respond to your typical plan, often these patients respond particularly well to the RCP. That being said, the RCP is known to get great results for your more typical patients as well.

The RCP is founded on extensive research which is based on peer-reviewed scientific articles. We challenge mainstream medicine by diving deep into the connection between biochemistry, stress responses in the body and symptoms. From thousands of hours of research into peer reviewed articles, an RCP training program was developed and the RCP Institute was born.

The RCP Institute offers a paradigm unlike any other training we’ve seen. Our graduates often tell us that the training unlocks understanding they wish they gained during their original training. They liken it to a switch turning on inside their minds and everything becomes so clear.  


The RCP Institute offers an online group program, a guided journey to better health led by the creator of the Root Cause Protocol.

In this 16 week course, you will:

  • Learn the science behind the Root Cause Protocol.
  • Develop an understanding of the biochemistry connection between stress and the body
  • Learn how to uncover the true root cause of illness and dis-ease
  • Apply the RCP principles with practice clients 
  • Analyze real-world case studies
  • Interpret Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMAs) and blood test results

What brings practitioners
(like you) to the RCP?

Many practitioners come to the RCP asking questions like these…


  • I do “all the right things” with my clients, why don’t some of them progress as they ‘should’?
  • Am I getting to the ‘root cause’ of my clients’ issues?
  • How can I improve my practice and empower my clients?
  • How does stress create metabolic dysfunction in our bodies?
  • What can I do beyond traditional methods to resolve anemia in my clients?
  • How can I guide my clients’ to get their bodies back into balance? How can I do more for my clients


Mitochondria Webinar

Enjoy this webinar from 2020 addressing the mitochondria.

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A Note from DR. BEN

Ben Edwards presents a special message just for practitioners.

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