2022 webinars

B Vitamins From Mother Nature

April 2022

B vitamins are small but mighty. They are easily lost to stress, yet they play a very important role in helping us to deal with stress.

The Stress Connection

March 2022

Stress equates to oxidative stress in your body. Join us as we discuss the stress response through the RCP lens, exploring stress chemically and energetically.

Organic ancestral whole foods & mineralized filtered water

February 2022

The impact of industrial fertilizer, how to stop relying on supplements and instead allow the nutrient density to return to the food we eat.

Give Up Synthetic Vitamin D in 2022


January 2022

Explore the research and look at the metabolic impact of taking synthetic D.

2021 webinars



November 2021

Learn more about the body’s response to COVID and how the RCP may assist in strengthening your body.

‘Lessons learned from COVID, the RCP perspective’

October 2021

A round table discussion with Morley and Kristan along with their special guests, Dr Ben Edwards and Diane Beach about COVID and the RCP.

‘Look at the ‘Blue Dot’

September 2021

The role of the blue protein (ceruloplasmin) in protecting the ‘blue dot’ (locus coeruleus) in our brains, protecting the blood-brain barrier and the cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF).

‘Why Grass Fed Beef Liver?’

August 2021

We include consuming beef liver as a ‘start’ in the RCP. This webinar will discuss why it is important and why we recommend everyone build this into their routine.

‘The Importance of AMPK’

July 2021

‘AMPK’ and ‘mTORC’ in the mitochondria; understanding what they are, what they have  to do with copper and iron and why they are important.

‘Whole food Vitamin C’

June 2021

An antioxidant, supporting the body to synthesise collagen, assisting the body to remove free radicals and supporting immune function.

‘A Reflection on Retinol’

May 2021

There is frequency within all foods we eat – retinol has a particular harmonic resonance which is critical to us in order to attain and maintain homeostasis.

‘The Importance of Magnesium’

April 2021

The critical value of magnesium in the body, how it helps to reduce inflammation and reduce the impact of excess histamine.

‘Live Long & Copper – The relationship between Copper & Early Ageing’

March 2021

Telomeres, recent research and their relationship to mitochondria and their dependancy on copper.

‘THE STARTS: Why do we include mineral drops and adrenal cocktails?’

February 2021

Looking at the STARTS, beginning with mineral drops and adrenal cocktails.

‘Bioavailable Copper, Magnesium & Immune Function + Strength’

January 2021

What does bioavailable copper have to do with metabolism, immune function and immune strength?

2020 webinars

‘Morley’s Year in Review’

October 2020

Morley shares the evolution of his reading throughout the year

‘Deeper Dive into the Dangers of Hormone D’

September 2020

Morley and Kristan discuss the dangers of supplemental vitamin D from synthetic and NOT sun-based sources

‘THE STOPS: Stop the assault on your body’s metabolism’

August 2020

The unintentional consequences of fluoride, colloidal silver and other synthetics being included in your regular routine

‘The Stress Response: More than just Cortisol & Magnesium!’

July 2020

Beauty is more than skin deep, and so is the stress response

‘Make the Switch!’


June 2020

Make the switch and ditch toxic ‘food’

Morley’s Research Update: Mitochondria & Minerals

May 2020

Relationship that mitochondria and minerals have with oxidative stress and energy crisis behind sickness

‘Focus on Stops: Drugstore Multivitamins, Prenatals, Ascorbic Acid Citrate, Citric Acid’

April 2020

An in-depth look into two of the ‘Stops’ from the RCP Manual

‘Focus on Pregnancy: How do serotonin, iron and copper impact on a healthy baby and mother?’

March 2020

Why serotonin, copper and iron are so important in pregnancy along with some practical tips

‘RCP Stops: Calcium, Zinc and Molybdenum’

February 2020

A focus on the impact of supplemental versions of calcium, zine and molybdenum on the body

Morley’s Insight into Coffee

January 2020

Coffee and minerals? This webinar will give you insight unlike anything you have ever heard before!

2019 webinars

‘RCP Stops: Iron Supplements & Synthetic Vitamin D’

December 2019

An in-depth look into the first two ‘Stops’ in the RCP Manual

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