What is the
Root Cause Protocol?

In a nutshell, here’s what's happening at the cellular level:

Photosynthesis (in plants) is the process of splitting water (H20) into Hydrogen & Oxygen to create energy/ATP in order for the plant to live.

Humans do the opposite: In the body, we combine Oxygen & Hydrogen to make water (H20) in order to create energy/ATP.

But that process requires Copper, and the Copper must be “bioavailable” –or, “in a usable form” — because bioavailable Copper ensures that Iron has “chaperones” to escort it throughout the body.

Otherwise, Iron runs around like a 4-year old with a hammer wreaking havoc inside your cells…

So… how do you increase bioavailable Copper?

By following the steps of The Root Cause Protocol, listed below.

Stated slightly more scientifically: Copper makes H20 and releases ADP (in Complex IV of the Electron Transport Chain of the Mitochondria), which is a pre-cursor of energy; then ADP joins up with Magnesium (in Complex V) to create Mg-ATP, the active chemical of energy that the cells recognize and use.

All of this technical stuff is addressed in The Root Cause Protocol 101 Video Series, along with more info about magnesium, mineral and vitamin supplements and nutrition with citations to the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Bottom line: The cells are designed to create energy and to clear exhaust.

Where the cells get into trouble is where there is less of the former, and too much of the latter.

In other words, a healthy body needs to be able to create energy and clear exhaust. Period.

Because a mineral, vitamin and magnesium depleted body can’t make enough energy, and it can’t clear exhaust fast enough.

If you don’t resolve the root cause, your symptoms will never be fully resolved… and you’ll probably feel “exhausted” all the time.

Therefore, the steps of The Root Cause Protocol — the steps for reversing Autoimmune conditions like Lyme, Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, etc. — are all about learning to feed your body the correct nutrients and supplements in order to balance Magnesium, Copper, and Iron — and repair cellular dysfunction.

What are the steps?

Phase 0

  1. Taking Iron Supplements
  2. Taking Vitamin D3 Supplements
  3. Taking Calcium Supplements
  4. Taking Zinc Supplements
  5. Taking Molybdenum Supplements
  6. Taking “Drugstore” Once-A-Day Multivitamins, Prenatals, etc.
  7. Using Synthetic forms of Ascorbic Acid, Citrate, & Citric Acid
  8. Using High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) & Synthetic Sugars
  9. Using Industrialized Omega-6 Oils (e.g. Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, etc.)
  10. Using Fluoride (toothpaste, water, etc.)
  11. Using Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic
  12. Eating Low-Fat, High-Carb, Processed, Refined Foods

Phase 1

  1. Taking Mineral Drops
  2. Taking The “Adrenal Cocktail”
  3. Taking Wholefood Vitamin C Complex
  4. Taking Magnesium
  5. Taking Cod Liver Oil
  6. Taking Wholefood Vitamin E Complex
  7. Eating Organic Wholefoods

Phase 2

  1. Taking MTHR NATURE sources for B Vitamins, preferably all 3:
    • Bee Pollen
    • Stabilized Rice Bran
    • Beef Liver

Phase 3

  1. Taking Silica / Diatomaceous Earth
  2. Taking Boron Supplements
  3. Taking Taurine Supplements
  4. Taking Iodine Supplements

Phase X

  1. Donating Blood
  2. Getting More Sunlight
  3. Doing “Joyful Movement”
  4. Clearing Food & Environmental Sensitivities
  5. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  6. Limiting Blue Light Radiation Exposure
You may be wondering…

What have others experienced?

“I have been on The Root Protocol for 7 months.

When I started to dig deeper in researching natural protocols for Lyme healing, I came across the Root Cause Protocol (via the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook). It has been the best thing ever!!!

Previous to finding this, I had only portions of truth that would help.

My whole life I have been told I was anemic. But now we know the truth!!

Thank God for Morley and his leadership in this community!!

I’ve tried every detox. Every cleanse. Been to so many doctors and naturopaths. I prayed that God would send me to to the right path.

You cannot go wrong with the Root Cause Protocol.

Your thyroid, hormones, pain, inflammation, weakness, restless legs, sleeplessness, nervousness, and more can all be helped if not cured.

Morley Robbins said it would take 6 months to feel better and 2 years to be completely well. I am living proof.

And I’m telling all of my friends and acquaintances with Lyme, Fibrogmyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Thyroid issues, Adrenal issues, to get on the root cause protocol.

And now they are feeling better also.

My life was not even worth living at one point. I now am exercising, getting my strength back, and now can tolerate stress!

Thank you to these incredible people who are giving so much of their valuable time and love. I cannot express how happy and thankful I am.

Linette Cox

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