August 21, 2017
Iron Toxicity Post #62: You do NOT have a Candida Infection, you DO have an Iron Infestation!

You do not have a Candida Infection. You do have an Iron Infestation!

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I think you will be stunned at the clarity of the iron-based research, re. Candida albicans, as well as the brevity of my message about addressing the iron root of this problem!

In my never-ending quest to bring you the truth about the role that excess, unbound iron plays in causing all known conditions, disorders, syndromes, and dis-eases. You will absolutely love what one of my magnesium heroes, Ronald J. Elin, MD, PhD (University of Kentucky Medical Center), has to say about the iron origin of candida albicans:

Elin R.J., Wolff S.M. (1974). “The Role of Iron in Nonspecific Resistance to Infection Induced by Endotoxin.”

There are some important quotations from this penetrating study, the role that iron plays in supporting and enabling a yeast infection:

“Since it is known that Iron is an essential growth factor for C. albicans [14, 15] and that endotoxin [e.g. LPS, aka Lipopolysaccharides from Bacteria] causes [emphasis added] a significant fall in serum iron [16], the importance of iron as a factor in nonspecific resistance to infection with C. albicans induced by endotoxin was evaluated in vitro and in vivo.”

Know that infections and inflammation causes hypoferremia. The innate immune system is designed to sequester iron away from the critters.

“The step-like pattern of this dose-response experiment clearly demonstrates the in vivo importance of Iron in C. albicans infections.”

As I have been saying for close to three full years, all pathogens (whether they be, bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites) exist, replicate and thrive on an iron buffet. It is the only thing that Louis Pasteur, PhD forgot to tell us, as he chose to terrorize us with fostering an absurd fear of bugs, critters, and chiggers, etc. and not the metal that they are attracted to. This research and the figure below seal the deal. It’s a compelling piece of causal research!

I wish I had a dollar for every client in the past 9yrs:

  • Who had a yeast infection
  • Who was totally stressed out about it
  • Who was clueless about iron’s role in its formation
  • Who was taking toxic Rx meds to attack it and
  • Who was doing nothing to address the underlying causative iron overload supporting the very inception and lifespan of this so-called yeast infection?

What to do?

Please, stop attacking the guest! Taking fluoride-activated anti-fungals” are not the answer!

Please start strengthening the host!
Please consider getting this full Monty Iron panel:

Please know that the body has amazing powers of resilience when it is properly nourished! I truly hope that those dealing with this latest clinical sign of iron overload can see and act on this truth.
A votre sante!
Morley  M Robbins

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