Organic Ancestral Whole Foods & Mineralized Filtered Water 

Join us as we explore why we include organic ancestral whole foods and mineralized filtered water in the RCP.

We’ll look at why we want to minimize broad acre farming, mass farming and GMO crops (with their typically poor nutrient profile) and shift to market gardens, shopping local and getting to know your local farmers.

We’ll discuss the impact of industrial fertilizer and how we allow the nutrient density to return to the food we eat, not relying on supplements. You can expect us to discuss ancestral foods, starting with the end goal in sight, shopping on the outsides of the supermarket, organic, regenerative farming, labels on packets, transitioning from a Western (processed) diet to a responsible diet and the good – better – best approach.

If this interests you, or even if you’ve started the RCP but you’d like a refresher, please signup for the webinar replay below.

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