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Why did we start this group?

This community actually started on Facebook in 2012.

In just a few short years 166,000+ people had joined the group, started following the steps of The Root Cause Protocol, and began sharing their amazing success stories and their own supplement and health advice to Root Cause Members…

But as we grew, we discovered several problems…

First, posting on Facebook was like writing a message in the sand — eventually, the waves would wash it away, and only a small percentage of group members ever got to read (and comment) on each message.

Second, it’s nearly impossible to search the Facebook group to find specific posts or comments.  So, of course, people kept asking the same questions over and over…

Finally, being on a 3rd party platform like Facebook means that our community is bound by Facebook’s terms & conditions — and Facebook has recently shutdown dozens of “health freedom” pages.

We didn’t want our group to be the next one to go…

So we decided it was time to build our own Community Forum on our own domain, and invite anyone who believes in the RCP to come join us here.

How I got connected to RCP…

My name is Kitty Martone, I am the “Healthy Gut Girl” and I have been in nutritional practice for over 10 years.

I host a podcast called “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know” and I am a social media influencer.

I suffered my whole life from various imbalances and disorders, some serious some just annoying. When I learned about gut health and began to tackle my challenges from that perspective, many things I suffered from were remedied — EXCEPT for the imbalances that seemed to be the most worrying — chronic anemia, debilitating menstrual cycles, as well as infertility, ongoing polyp and fibroid surgeries.

My anemia was so bad throughout my life that fainting, dizziness and bleeding for months on end was a common thing. My hemoglobin would never go above 10 and that was when I was at my healthiest! As a health educator and practitioner, it was ironic that the one thing that was killing me, I couldn’t seem to touch, and trust me, I tried EVERYTHING.

Through my Estrogen Dominance Support Group that I run on Facebook, I heard about The Magnesium Advocacy Group and the amazing Morley Robbins. I finally had him on my podcast, and though I was skeptical, I had tried everything for my remaining issues and I had nothing to lose. His “counter-cultural” information about “Iron toxicity” also resonated with me, because I was advised by EVERY doctor I’d ever worked with to take iron pills — and they never worked.

Ironically, in my new friendship with Morley I had the absolute worst bout with my ‘anemia’ that I had ever experienced. I fell very ill and ended up in the emergency room with a blood transfusion. I felt better, but within a couple of months my hemoglobin was quickly dropping once again, and my cycles were returning to their usual horrible state.

This was it, time to give the Root Cause Protocol (RCP) promoted on Morley’s MAG FB Group a good try.

One year later, and with diligence to that RCP Protocol and my own gut health regimen, my hemoglobin is now at a 13.0! (Up from a previous low of 7.3!) Now with all my knowledge and efforts coupled with the Root Cause Protocol. Not only has my health reached amazing, unimaginable levels, but I am able to share this knowledge with my audience and everyone that I reach…

Thank You Morley!

Kitty M

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