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This premium community is a place to share tips and tricks about RCP, ask questions about how to get the most out of RCP and to get other supplement and health advice. 

You will also have the opportunity to learn about new research uncovered by the creator of the RCP, Morley Robbins —  including live Q&A sessions 1-2 times each month!

Video 101 Series

The Root Cause Protocol 101 video series will help you uncover why your symptoms started in the first place — because even though symptoms vary from person to person, the fundamental, root cause for how they started is the exact same for everyone.

Gain access to over 4 hours of enlightening discussion helping to dive deeper into the RCP.


Vitamin D Q&A

Explore the following topic:
‘Is low Vitamin D the chicken or the egg?’ with Morley Robbins

Immunity Q&A

Explore the following topic:
‘How do we build immunity in today’s world?’ with Morley Robbins

Masterclass Series

Let The Magnesium Man, Morley Robbins, take you on a journey into The Root Cause Protocol and explore what’s really going on inside our bodies, how you can build your immunity and how to improve your health. 

If you’re ready to feel better and get to the root cause of your health challenges, you need the RCP Masterclass Series


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