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The “Optional Extra Support” category listed under the ‘Phase or START #’ drop-down menu may contain items that do not fall within any of the Phases or STARTS of the RCP Handbook.

While all of these optional items are approved for use within the protocol, we strongly recommend that priority be given to the foundational items associated within the RCP Handbook.

The iron binders and copper supplements, in particular, fall into the ‘advanced’ category and may be best utilized under the guidance of your RCP Consultant.

AFFILIATE LINKS: Some of the products listed below contain affiliate links and by purchasing from that store, you’ll be supporting this organization without any additional cost to yourself.

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New Roots Vitamin E8
New Roots Vitamin E8 – CAN
Nutrimal LiveRestore Beef Liver
Nutrimal LiveRestore beef liver (120 capsules) – CAN
Nutrimal LiveRestore Beef Liver
Nutrimal LiveRestore beef liver (120 capsules) – USA
Magnesium Hydroxide Powder
Magnesium Hydroxide Powder USP Grade 250g – CAN
North American Herb and Spice Purely C Powder
North American Herb & Spice Purely-C (120g powder) – CAN
North American Herb and Spice Purely C
North American Herb & Spice Purely-C (90 capsules) – CAN
Uhtco Camu Camu powder
Uhtco Camu Camu C++: Wholefood Vitamin C (150 grams) – CAN
Uhtco Camu Camu capsules
Uhtco Camu Camu C++: Wholefood Vitamin C (120 capsules) – CAN
BioTrace elemental boron
BioTrace Elemental Boron (60 ml) – Global
Pete Evans Beef Liver
Pete Evans Organic Beef Liver (120 capsules) – Global
Lotus rice bran
Lotus Rice Bran (450g) – Global
Eden Healthfoods Bee Pollen
Eden Healthfoods Premium West Australian Bee Pollen (180g) – Global
Smidge Wheat Germ Oil (100 capsules) – Global
Jigsaw Mag Relief OptiMSM
Jigsaw Health Mag Relief with Opti-MSM (5 fl. oz.) – Global
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion with OptiMSM
Ancient Minerals Magnesium lotion Ultra with MSM (150ml) – Global

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