The Copernican Institute

Could this be the next step for you?

  • Do you want to be a “Mineral Detective?”
  • Do you want to help people discover how their “Ferrous wheel” started spinning out of control?
  • Do you want to become a coach to help clients complete in the steps of The Root Cause Protocol?

Then the The Copernican Institute is the place for you!

Informative, professional level, training in the Root Cause Protocol, weaves the story of the “seats on the Ferrous Wheel” via

  • the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA),
  • the “Full Monty” iron panel of blood tests, and
  • the Symptom Assessment Intake form.

These three diagnostic tools serve to validate the mineral dynamics that are caused by stress experienced by the individual. The program is designed to teach your clients how their bodies got out of sync… how their “seats” formed on their personal “Ferrous Wheel”… And with your guidance, how to rebalance minerals by applying the steps of The Root Cause Protocol to restore metabolic homeostasis.

How does the training work?

  • Each week for 16 weeks, students attend a live, 2-hour video conference conducted by Morley Robbins, creator of The Root Cause Protocol.
  • Live participation in each session is strongly encouraged. However, we know that “life” can get in the way. So each conference session is recorded and available for review later, along with all the other study materials.
  • A final exam will be taken at the completion of the course.
  • Upon satisfactory completion, successful students will receive a Certificate attesting to their status as a Graduate of the Copernican Institute.

When does the next class start?

Group 8 began on February 7, 2019. Please email to be notified when we announce the dates for future classes.

How much does this cost?

The Copernican Institute Training costs $2,250 (USD).

Step 1: Use the “Pay Now” button below to secure your seat in the next class. This is a $250 (USD), non-refundable deposit.

Step 2: Use the “Pay Now” button below to pay the remaining balance. This $2,000 (USD) payment is due 2 weeks before the first day of class.


You can pay the full tuition ($2,250 USD) in one payment using this button:


Kristan Kershaw (RCPC Development Manager) assists me in all aspects of student registration & mentorship.  If you have any questions whatsoever about the Copernican Institute, please contact her via email at

See you in class!

I look forwarding to teaching you the intricacies of The Root Cause Protocol so that you, in turn, can help others rebalance their minerals and repair their “Ferrous Wheel”… A vôtre santé​, Morley Robbins