In this webinar, we look at why you won’t find parasite cleanses or detoxes in the RCP.


It’s not uncommon to see people kicking off the new year with a detox or a cleanse. We love seeing people taking charge of their health, but we don’t recommend detoxes and cleanses as part of the RCP. So if optimal health is our priority, why don’t we support detoxes?

In short, we prefer to focus on strengthening the host rather than attacking the ‘guests’. We call this ‘strengthening the bioenergetic field’, and in this webinar, we’ll delve into how attacking these ‘guests’ (parasites, pathogens, and persistent infections) exacerbates things – yikes! Many detoxes work against us in the long run, and can make us more prone to infections (or reinfection).

Whilst we might feel better initially, cleanses and detoxes put pressure on our bodies. Sadly, many of us are out of balance already so these cleanses often make our existing imbalances worse! Many detoxes include things on the RCP ‘STOPS’ list too – which is less than ideal.

Join us in this free presentation to learn how to direct your attention within, what you can do to address metabolic imbalances and how to ensure you don’t make things worse. We’d love to have you tune in live if you can.

If this interests you, or even if you’ve started the RCP but you’d like a refresher, please signup for the webinar replay below.

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