Morley Robbins met with Dr Ruscio earlier in 2019 and there’s a fantastic podcast available and extensive notes, whereby you can get a deeper understanding of many aspects of the RCP.

They talked about the impact of insufficient copper on the body, including how iron and copper interact, and how that impacts on our body.

Low ferritin isn’t necessarily telling us that we have low iron – it doesn’t give us a full picture. Iron in the blood isn’t the same as iron in the tissue.

Morley shared citations to research he’s read going back to 1976 regarding ferritin in the blood, actually lacking iron, so its use as an iron marker being inappropriate for the context it is so commonly relied upon.

“Is iron insufficiency a total myth? Is copper the answer? Morley Robbins joins us to share his take on what’s really going on with iron and copper in our bodies. ”
They talked about the common misunderstanding on copper deficiency signs and how they are often said to be from iron deficiency – understanding is required of the critical pathways copper is required in so a more complete picture can be seen.

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