Exploring iron’s negative regulator: Hepcidin

In this webinar, we take a deeper look at hepcidin and iron recycling.

 It’s vastly more important to understand iron recycling in the body, than it is to understand iron storage in the cell. It’s important to understand that bioavailable copper runs iron recycling. When copper is low in the body, the liver makes a protein called hepcidin which is a negative regular of iron circulation.

What does this mean? Copper and hepcidin are at war with each other inside our bodies and what we are learning is that hepcidin can be suppressed and activated by different nutrients in our diet and different chemicals in our bodies. In this webinar, we will sort out the wheat from the chaffe when it comes to hepcidin and iron recycling. Hepcidin expression is the driving factor behind anemia of chronic inflammation.

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