On this episode of Holistic Happy  Hour, get ready to challenge the mainstream medical narrative as we delve into Morley Robbins’ groundbreaking medical evidence-based research.

In this episode, we cover:
💜The Root Cause Protocol: A revolutionary approach to health.
💜Morley’s starts, stops, and breakthroughs
💜The unsung hero: Understanding the spleen’s critical role
💜Morley’s unique insights on Jamie’s health challenges
💜Innate healing: Your body’s extraordinary capacity
💜Uncover how stress can lead to generational mineral deficiencies
💜Copper’s role in mitochondrial health and energy
💜Magnesium mysteries: Best forms and what to avoid

But that’s not all! This is just the first part of Morley’s two-part series on this podcast. Stay tuned for the next episode, where Morley explores the impact of vitamin C & D supplements on your health, the miraculous supplement Silica, and the most common deficiency Morley encounters.

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