Ever wondered why I obsessed over Mag RBC? 

Resnick, L.M., et al. (1987). “Intracellular pH in human and experimental hypertension.”

Please read the discussion slowly and carefully as all the clues are there.

There are five important questions to ask:

  1. Why is intracellular pH not a part of regular healthcare checkups?
  2. Why aren’t people made aware that insulin increases cellular pH, especially when the Mg-dependent, tyrosine kinase enzyme allows Insulin into the cell?
  3. Why aren’t we told that increased dietary calcium:
    a) Lowers pH in the cell and
    b) Elevates my blood pressure?
  4. What role might increased iron dysregulation have on magnesium, calcium and pH status inside my cells?
  5. How might this one study call for a complete reversal in the treatment of Calcium, iron, and thyroid related conditions at the expense of magnesium, copper and adrenals?

It is food for serious thought and reflection!

A votre sante!

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