December 18, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #46: The “Reader’s Digest” version of what causes mitochondrial dysfunction

This is the “Readers Digest” version of what causes mitochondrial dysfunction.

I am following this up more information about this topic in the next iron toxicity post.

=> Metabolic Derangement
is caused by

=> Mitochondrial Dysfunction
which is caused by

=> Mineral Dysregulation
which is caused by 

=> Our Mineral Deficient Diet, which cause diagnoses and drugs as a result which are caused by, respectively

Intriguing, eh?

A client/colleague recently shared with me that Hippocrates was forever seeking

… The cause
… of the cause
… of the cause…
Well, now we know the origin of all of our symptoms.

Please know, the path back to optimal health and metabolic homeostasis is outlined here:

A votre sante!

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