September 18, 2017
Iron Toxicity Post #63: Setting the story straight about iron homeostasis

Setting the record straight about iron homeostasis.

The critical dynamic that is kept from us is that iron homeostasis is a seesaw that has two sides to it, as well as a fulcrum in the middle:

  • One side = iron in the blood
  • Fulcrum = ferroxidase enzyme function (as know as, FOX, Cp and ceruloplasmin)
  • Other side = iron in the tissues

The part that we missed is that just like any seesaw, when one side is heavy, the other side will be sky high!!! Get it?

Anemic (not enough iron in the blood) really means that it’s lots of iron in the tissue! 

Iron is like a square dance, it is meant to be in constant circulation, just as any good square dance you have ever been in or seen. The emphasis is on motion.

Iron has become akin to a motion picture, which involves no motion on the part of the iron (observer!), as now the clinical focus is on being stored, as reported in the ferritin storage protein!

That is not a natural state for iron, and not as originally intended, please understand that stored iron leads to rust!

The purpose of the Root Cause Protocol is to provide the set of nutrients to re-engage the square dance and get the iron out of those seats of the movie theatre.

Here’s the ugly part: the yardstick to properly measure iron homeostasis currently does not exist!

  • The “One side” measures ferritin, which is a flawed marker that is found inside the cell, and when ferritin is outside of the cell, it indicates liver pathology and copper dysregulation.
  • The “Fulcrum” is not properly measured as the commercial labs are instructed to not measure the ferroxidase enzyme function and just report “generic” ceruloplasmin, which is an insult to our intelligence and our integrity.
  • The “Other side” is never measured easily as the only options are a needle biopsy (very painful!) or a r2/t2 MRI (very expensive!). 

We simply have no valid or meaningful measure of iron saturation in the tissues, where the other half of the iron story needs to be told!

So, until the metrics get into the 20th Century, please do the Root Cause Protocol, and know that your ongoing process to rebuild cells and properly re-circulate the iron will enable a “reversal” of the stuck iron causing the neurodegeneration because no one ever told you how iron was really supposed to work inside our blood and inside our tissue.

A votre sante!
Morley M Robbins

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