April 23, 2019
Iron Toxicity Post #79: Is Stored Iron Safe?!?

(Formerly #80)

“It’s not what we don’t know about nutrition that hurts us, it is 
what we know for sure that turns out to be dead wrong.”
—Attributed to Victor Herbert, MD, JD

This superbly written article by Jerome L. Sullivan, MD, (Article available for purchase here) gets to the very essence of the conflict in medicine and science: The inherent and UNPROVEN bias that “Stored Iron” is GOOD for our health!

In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. (Please know that Jerry Sullivan, MD was the creator of the “Iron<>Heart Hypothesis” whose 1st published article on that clinical issue was in Lancet Journal, 1981, just a few years after he graduated from University of Florida Medical School.)

Please enjoy this intellectual Hatchet job by Dr. Sullivan on the moronic distortions that abound in the scientific and clinical literature with the perceived bias of our now subconscious and programmed belief that we need more “stored iron.”  This ubiquitous LIP (Labile Iron Pool) is not just found in our livers, and it’s not just found in the cells. Ferritin is stored in all cells, mitoferritin is found in all mitochondria. Worse yet, hemosiderin, which is synthesized when the body lacks bioavailable copper essential to load iron into ferritin, remains hidden in tissues all over the body and eludes proper diagnostic detection.

Because the same moronic distortions in the Lab Testing System that ignore what ferritin really means, also ignores this even more toxic form of stored iron, and Commercial Labs do not offer hemosiderin testing as an option when testing for overall iron homeostasis.

As we’ll all recall, Mother Nature abhors “unpaired anything.” Please know the following as it relates to iron:

  • One atom of iron has four Unpaired Electrons
  • One Molecule of Ferritin has 10,000 Unpaired Electrons
  • One Molecule of Hemosiderin has 100,000 Unpaired Electrons

Is anyone else feeling a bit queasy right about now knowing how much “stored iron” is likely hidden in your tissues?

That said, the most important quotation from this article:

“Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes may operate optimally ONLY [emphasis added] in the absence of stored Iron.”

Based on the above quotation, I firmly believe that this is the “hidden” cause of the rampant and unchecked rise of chronic disease: Lack of ceruloplasmin ACTIVITY, due to an overwhelming presence of electron-“stealing” iron all over the body!

This “stored iron” is, for a fact, the principle epigenetic and energetic factor that is undermining and weakening our innate immune and metabolic systems. And because there is no recognized yardstick to measure this stored iron issue, we conveniently ignore this metabolic reality that alters the biology, the chemistry, the electromagnetism and the physics of our cells.

IMHO, this is not rocket science. Again, I encourage you to purchase this article and take the time to read it. Were it readily available to post, I would do so, please know that. It is behind a Pay Wall to slow down the activation of truth to a broader audience.

This article raises profoundly important questions and challenges the long-held notion that we all need more iron. Those of us actively participating in this RCP Community know better, but it’s always refreshing to have such a wonderful study to have at our access to dispel the conventional and wrong thinking about the need for more iron.  I hope you enjoy this publication as much as I did recently.

“A” votre sante!
Morley M. Robbins

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