January 31, 2019
Get your RCP Questions answered by Morley – Live Q&As on Feb 4 & Feb 18

For members of the Premium RCP Community, we’ve launched an awesome new member benefit: Live Q&A w/ Morley and Kristan so that you can ask questions directly to the creator of the Root Cause Protocol, and one of our most experienced RCP Consultants…

The first Q&A session of 2019 was held on January 14th, and included member questions like these:

    • “I have Hypothyroid…how do I adjust the RCP to fit my situation?”
    • “What if I’m unable to donate blood…what else can I do to release excess unbound Iron?”
    • “How do I help my family get started on RCP?”

And many more…


We will be hosting 2 live Q&A events this month:

  • Mon Feb 4 at 3pm (CST) / Mon Feb 4 at 9pm (GMT) / Tue Feb 5 at 7am (AEST)
  • Mon Feb 18 at 3pm (CST) / Mon Feb 18 at 9pm (GMT) / Tue Feb 19 at 7am (AEST)

Each session lasts approximately one hour.  You can hop on or hop off at any time, at your convenience.


We utilize GoToMeeting, so you can join from anywhere in the world using your computer or phone!

But first, you must become a member the Premium RCP Community

The price is currently discounted at 50% off… $9.97/month (or $99.97/year) gets you:

  • FREE access to the RCP 101 Video Series (a $99 value; Morley & Dr. Ben explain the WHY behind each step of the RCP)
  • Exclusive access to new research and commentary from Morley (new posts weekly)
  • Exclusive access to live Q&A events (1-2 times per month)
  • Exclusive access to RCP Community forum where you’ll be able to get valuable insight from RCP Consultants and others who are following the RCP.
  • PLUS, you’ll be helping to support this movement, and helping more people feel better! 🙂


Click here to join the Premium RCP Community today…


GoToMeeting login details have been posted here in the “Musings by Morley” Forum, accessible to RCP Community members.

Looking forward to seeing you online in a few days for another intriguing Q&A with Morley & Kristan!  Bring your questions!

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