November 18, 2016
Iron Toxicity Post #44: Iron Elephant

We learned this from Jill Cohen-Wilson that the “lamp of magnesium” is starting to gain traction — in her doctor’s office in Long Island, NY. Wow, even I’m impressed!

And in fitting tradition, Dr. Liz & I discovered that today’s quotation from Rumi was all about this dynamic of being in the dark.

I am reminded of the famous story of a group of people, who are blindfolded (i.e. in the dark), being asked to describe an elephant from each of their unique perspectives, as is cleverly depicted in the cartoon below.

So what is my point? 

We have all been blind to the iron elephant in our body without the “light” of the research and insights that we are learning and sharing here at Magnesium Advocacy group (MAG): 

These symptoms, conditions, syndromes and dare I say, these diseases appear very real and very sinister. Why?  We have been blind to the ravaging impact of iron toxicity and its generation of oxidative stress in our bodies. Well, fortunately, those days are drawing to a close as we share this truth more widely.

For those seeking to learn more about these iron dynamics and their metabolic impact in our bodies, please read this wonderful book by Roberta Crawford who runs a NFP dedicated to educating the public about iron, and iron loading disorders, entitled “The Iron Elephant”. It’s a wonderful book and well worth your time to read.

Crawford, R. (2001). “The Iron Elephant”

Again, our sponsor magnesium is, indeed, the “Lamp of Life”

A votre sante!

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