June 27, 2013
Magnesium and Inflammation

There’s an increasing amount of attention being paid to Inflammation.
And for good reason… it’s the silent precursor to most, if not all, chronic disease. But with increasing frequency, articles are hyping its presence and steps to take to manage it — but are acting like it’s coming from Mars… Not quite the case as we’ll learn!
A particularly good article on explaining many facets of Inflammation that I’d like to bring to your attention was written last year by Brian Rigby. It’s entitled, “What Causes Inflammation?”
Please take a moment to read this excellent article.
And please take a moment to understand that the entire article is missing one key word: Magnesium!
I absolutely love this article as Brian really gets under the covers and explains so many aspects of Inflammation, like the difference between Acute and Chronic — very important distinction… And his explanation of the four key proteins: TNFa, NFkB, IL-6 and CRP is nothing short of masterful!
But to talk about those key proteins and make no mention of Maggies is curious, at best. Here’s why…
The entire Inflammatory Cascade is STARTED when the Calcium/Magnesium ratio gets imbalanced INSIDE the cell — entirely due to “Stress!” — not an extraterrestrial invasion! When that happens, Substance P (which stands for “Production”) gets released, and then, a host of cytokines and chemokines come rushing to the rescue, which Brian’s article does a wonderful job of explaining.
That said, it’s important to know that there is a very precise timing that evolves over the course of several weeks… A wonderful article that really spells this out is noted here
And for those that get their CRP tested (and if you don’t, START), please know that this inflammatory protein is inversely related to Magnesium status. Therefore, when “Stress!” is High >> Mg is Low, and when Mg is Low >> CRP is High! And that’s why CRP is really considered an important “marker” for so-called Heart Disease. It’s elevation is a clear sign of “Stress!” and the resulting Mg loss that CAUSES a systemic loss of energy, esp in your ticker, and  that ultimately starves the heart muscle cells of energy (spelled: Mg-ATP!)
More on that in a subsequent post…
Enjoy your exploration of the Fire! And should you get “burned,” not to worry… just put some Mg Cl oil on it and take Mo’ Maggie!
A votre sante!

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