Morley and Kristan’s first LIVE Q & A (members only) – Ascorbic Acid and our ceruloplasmin

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Kristan Kershaw


On Monday afternoon, 14th January 2019, at 4pm CST (7am Tuesday 15th January Brisbane Australia time), website members can join Morley and Kristan for a LIVE webinar on the topic of Ascorbic Acid.

It’s been a HOT topic for a long time – why exactly ascorbic acid is not recommended here, and why we suggest whole food vitamin c instead.

We have already had an introductory discussion for everyone to see on our Facebook page here, and members can see a full length 30+ minute video here, which we will be discussing during the session.

How to get there?

  • Login to your member account (or register to join us if you aren’t yet a member!)
  • Head to the ‘Musings by Morley’ section
  • Look for the ‘January Q & A’ post
  • Connect to us via the link included.

We can’t wait to have more people joining us in this session and asking questions live – being a webinar, we can have you live with us, or chatting with us via the chat.

See you there!

Kristan and Morley


PS. Don’t forget to stop by and watch all the other amazing videos that are available within the membership area – Morley and Dr Ben in the RCP101 video course, and more within ‘Musings by Morley’ part of the forum.

PPS. A recording will be available after the event, for those who can’t join in live. It’s always fun to join the energy of the conversation LIVE though. 🙂