November 18, 2022
A letter from Morley

Greetings RCP followers!

​​​​​​​Today I’m writing to share with you an important update. The journey that has evolved into the RCP began in January, 2009. Now, after 12+ years of guiding and inspiring this RCP movement, my RCP commitments are many and varied. Whilst I enjoy being out and about in the RCP community, I feel quite strongly that now is the time to dig deeper into the application and use of the research that I have come across. So as a gift to myself for my 70th birthday, I’m taking a step back from some of my public-facing roles to regroup and refocus my efforts.

To focus my energies accordingly, I have chosen to take a sabbatical (which was not a decision I made lightly) that will enable me to work on key targeted areas to ensure the continued growth and development of the RCP for decades (hopefully centuries!) to come.​​​​​​​

As you well know, I am surrounded by a wonderful team of RCP advocates, led by Kristan Kershaw who has been by my side since the RCP’s infancy.

If you’re looking to book an RCP consult, please do so with Kristan, a member of her team or any of the passionate and talented consultants that we have trained over the last 5+ years. You’ll find the list of RCP Consultants here.

As for the RCP Institute training, I’ll still be actively involved in most of the live classes. Rest assured my work is woven right through every aspect of the training, from the pre-recorded materials I have personally prepared, to my research notes, articles I’ve written and studies I’ve synthesized and applied through the RCP lens. I will continue to guide the team of tutors, and have absolute faith in the facilitation team. I wouldn’t feel that a sabbatical were even an option if I didn’t have such deep trust in the many facets of the RCP team.

I am so incredibly humbled by the growth the RCP movement has gained since its inception, and I am deeply grateful for each of you – as members of the online RCP community. 

Thank you for understanding my desire to pursue this important shift in my focus, and for being an integral part of our efforts to promote and enable innate healing, just as MTHR Nature intended us to have! Without your dedication and commitment, the RCP wouldn’t have nearly so many success stories.

I am humbled, happy and honored to have created this spark of recovery. And I’m most excited to pursue this next chapter of growth for the RCP.

A votre sante!
Morley Robbins
RCP Founder

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