March 14, 2018
Nancy S. | The Root Cause Protocol helped me with my PMDD
I’m so happy! My period is normally quite heavy the first couple of days and my uterus makes sure i am aware of its efforts lol. This cycle i had no mid cycle spotting. My flow has decreased by at least half (I use a menstrual cup—best lady invention EVER—so i actually know how much blood loss there is). Day 2 I FORGOT I WAS ON MY PERIOD. I had zero cramps all morning. It wasn’t until around 2 pm that had light cramps and it was time to empty the cup. People—that NEVER happens. I donated blood end of August or early September. I’ve been doing 2 tsp of rice bran almost every morning with my coffee (with sugar and 1/2 and 1/2 ?). I do my best to follow as much of the RCP as i can but it’s been hard this last month with moving and other life crises. I do Adrenal Cocktail, Cod Liver Oil, bee pollen, Magnesium Malate, Concentrace mineral drops, beef liver capsules, Magnesium/MSM lotion, and Epsom salt or Magnesium chloride baths when i can. My diet has backslid with everything going on in my life so trying to clean that up again. The other thing—I have PMDD which is PMS on steroids and was debilitating for 2 weeks out of the month with insomnia and horrible anxiety. Before RCP i don’t think i would have made it through the last month without a panic attack. I’m hoping this means i am really and truly done with the BCP and Zoloft i used to take for the PMDD. Oh and a bonus? I’ve lost about 7 pounds without really trying. Just think what can happen now that i have energy to actually exercise and not just survive till bedtime. There is HOPE!

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