Peak Human Podcast | The True Nature of Disease Down to the Mitochondrial Level and the Complex Orchestra of Minerals (Episode 109) | December 18, 2020

Posted on December 18, 2020 by RCP Admin

Morley speaks with the makers of Food Lies about the nature of diseases down to the level of the mitochondria as well as the complex orchestra of minerals.

Here’s the breakdown:

• His background and how he got into his career.

• The immune system and iron
• The importance of copper in your immune system
• Bioavailability of minerals in our foods
• Food sources with plenty of copper
• Supplements vs natural sources from food
• Big Pharma and supplements
• There is no disease, only metabolic dysfunction
• Vitamin D
• We don’t need as much Vitamin D as we’ve been programmed
• Getting food through whole food sources rather than supplements
• The Root Cause Protocol
• Retinol in brain development
• Parkinson’s Disease


Additional Resources

You can find show notes here.