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Anastasia Sidorova, ND, RCPC


I am a Naturopthic Doctor, Root Cause Protocol Consultant and Fertility Awareness Educator. My mission is to save fertillty in the modern world and to educate and inspire women to take control of their health, knowing that they can make a difference in their fertility journey.

I offer specialized health and nutrition counseling for women from pre-conception to postpostpartum. Using an integrative and holistic approach, deep understanding and respect for the physiology of the body, I help women of all ages find the ROOT cause of their health problems so they can feel better, improve their health and get pregnant naturally.

I also address women’s health issues including PCOS, irregular periods, endometriosis, history of miscarriages, premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, post-pill recovery and hormonal imbalances, revealing “what really happens” so women can thrive on their journey to motherhood and through motherhood.

Company Name: Natural Family

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