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Astrid Serafini-Hill (RCPC)


“Medicine uses a pill for an ill, the RCP uses mineral regulation to heal”. ~ Divine Strength

My RCP healing journey has cured my insomnia, restless legs, uterine fibroid tumors, long and heavy menstruation, depression, adrenal fatigue and many more discomforts! In July of 2018, I was at my physical breaking point. I began to affirm, “I am healed” and this is when I found Morley Robbin’s work. The universe certainly works in magical ways! Two months into implementing the RCP I felt well enough to fly halfway across the world with my son to Europe. We walked an average of 13 kilometres most days for ten days!

It is going on three years now and I am still healing my body and making beautiful connections with the protocol. The RCP empowers the individual to be in charge of their true healing path.
“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it”. ~ Hippocrates

You will get back to your previous best self, even a better self! Morley’s research and creation of the RCP is bringing true healing back into this world. I am eternally grateful and proud to be part of this movement. My own experience wants me to pay it forward now and help others in educating and empowering with TRUTH. The doctor lives within each of us. We have the ability to heal when given the right information. So much truthful information has been lost in the past 100 years.
I am honored to help my clients make the connections with their dis-ease with an educational consult and in-depth conversation for healing empowerment!”

Company Name: Divine Strength Healing Empowerment

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