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Bethany Martens


Massage Therapist, Childbirth Doula, Fertility and RCP Consultant

As a mom of 9, I’m passionate about helping others to balance their body optimally, so conception and childbirth is almost effortless. As well, as support mom and baby’s body through the nursing years and beyond.

I have worked with several helping to achieve pregnancy and support them through birth. I started this journey when I embarked on healing my own son’s damaged immune response. Realizing our health starts long before birth and how interconnected moms and babies are from the moment of conception.

In addition to being an RCP consultant, I hold a background in massage therapy and other areas of bodywork including deep tissue, craniosacral, acupressure, brain gym, muscle testing, reiki, infant and prenatal massage. I am also a natural childbirth doula and fertility awareness coach.

When I’m not working I’m homeschooling my school aged children and throwing pots with my new found love of ceramics. My family and I also love to travel as often as possible.

Company Name: The Wild Wellness Mama

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